Terms of service 2019-11-08


These are the terms and conditions for Observations.be.

In this document, Observations.be stands for the website Observations.be and all connected applications and services, even when these are distributed under another domain name.

Data and content

Observations.be and related websites and mobile apps are available for all people and organizations to submit and manage their own data.

Registered users can change the conditions for sharing their data in the user settings. For new users, the default setting is to "share with trusted projects and partners".

The goal of Observations.be is to make as much information as possible available for general use. Data will only be hidden at the request of the observer, or because nature conservation is deemed to be at risk.

Data and content collected on Observations.be is available for non-commercial use by private individuals. For other uses, explicit permission is required. Contact info@observations.be for details.

Source references

The correct reference when using data or content is:

"source: Observations.be, Stichting Observation International and local partners".

If you only use your own data, you can use:

"source: own data, collected using Observations.be"

Online usage also requires a hyperlink to the source page on Observations.be.

Images and sounds

Contributors of multimedia to Observations.be retain full authorship over their works.

By uploading audio or video, you give permission to Observations.be for use related to Observations.be.

Sharing multimedia with third parties depends on the licenses set by the author. For new users, image and sound licenses are set to CC-BY-NC. Registered users can change their multimedia licenses in the user settings.

Source references

The correct reference when using multimedia is:

"Copyright © AUTHOR, via Observations.be"


Abuse of Observations.be is not permitted. Abuse is unlawful use, purposefully entering faulty data, trying to access restricted data, reverse engineering our technology, harassing other users, and any other activities that have a negative impact on Observations.be, its partners or its users, and/or nature itself.

Upon discovery or suspicion of abuse, a user or its organization can be denied access to Observations.be.


Usage of Observations.be is your own responsibility. Observations.be is not liable for any kind of damages following usage of availability of Observations.be.


Any questions or comments about these terms and conditions can be sent to info@observations.be. We will respond as soon as possible.

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