Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • North America, Middle America, Palearctic : widespread


  • C. c. principalis - Alaska, Canada (except the sw), Greenland and n, e USA
  • C. c. sinuatus - sw Canada through wc USA to Mexico and Nicaragua
  • C. c. clarionensis - sw USA and nw Mexico
  • C. c. varius - Iceland and Faroe Is.
  • C. c. corax - nw Europe through c Europe to c Siberia
  • C. c. hispanus - Iberian Peninsula, Italy and Mediterranean islands
  • C. c. laurencei - Greece, Cyprus and Turkey to w China and n India
  • C. c. tingitanus - n Africa
  • C. c. canariensis - Canary Is.
  • C. c. tibetanus - c Asia
  • C. c. kamtschaticus - w Mongolia, e Siberia, ne China, n Japan and nearby islands
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