Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Palearctic, Africa : widespread in Europe, Asia and n Africa


  • L. e. excubitor - n, c, e Europe and nw Siberia | to Turkey and the Caucasus Mts.
  • L. e. homeyeri - se Europe and sw Siberia | sw, c Asia
  • L. e. koenigi - c, e Canary Is. (c Macaronesia, nw of n Africa)
  • L. e. algeriensis - coastal nw Africa
  • L. e. elegans - ne Mauritania and nw Mali to ne Sudan, Egypt and sw Israel
  • L. e. leucopygos - c, s Mauritania to s Chad and c Sudan
  • L. e. aucheri - ec Sudan to nw Somalia, Arabian Peninsula, s Israel, Jordan, Iraq and s Iran
  • L. e. theresae - s Lebanon and n Israel
  • L. e. buryi - Yemen
  • L. e. uncinatus - Socotra
  • L. e. lahtora - Pakistan through c India and s Nepal to w Bangladesh
  • L. e. pallidirostris - s Russia and s Kazakhstan to Mongolia and n China, s to nw Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan | sw Asia and ne Africa
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