Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Palearctic, Oriental Region : Widespread


  • T. m. merula - Europe (except se)
  • T. m. azorensis - Azores (all main is., nw Macaronesia, nw of n Africa)
  • T. m. cabrerae - Madeira and Porto Santo (Madeira group) and w, c Canary Is. (nc to c Macaronesia, nw of n Africa)
  • T. m. mauritanicus - nw Africa
  • T. m. aterrimus - se Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus and n Iran
  • T. m. syriacus - islands of s Greece, s Turkey to s Iran, n Iraq and Egypt
  • T. m. intermedius - mountains of c Asia to n Afghanistan
Turdus merula has been split to T. simillimus (India and Sri Lanka)
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